Charles Chen is an exhibit developer, technologist, web developer, designer, and artist. As Exhibit Developer and Experiential Technologist at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, he helps develop new exhibits and related web, interactive, and mobile experiences for American’s single most visited museum and home to the world’s largest collection of natural history. Prior to his career at the Smithsonian, Charles pursued a fourteen year career as a web content manager, web developer, and interactive designer, helping to build and manage websites for a broad spectrum of industries that included higher education, the arts, fortune 500, digital publishing, and small business. Charles Chen is also an artist and printmaker for social impact. A devout buddhist, he aims to better the world and its living inhabitants through the arts. His Etsy store will launch in Summer of 2015. He donates 30% from every sale of his work to the choice of charitable cause selected by buyers from an extensive pre-curated list of charitable and non-profit organizations.

Charles is passionate about museums and the arts. Growing up in the great city of New York, his life was filled with world class cultural institutions, the visual and performing arts, urban culture, and important exposure to socioeconomic and racial inequalities. It his belief that museums and the arts have an active and critical role to place in making society a more tolerant, diverse, and equitable place by providing universal opportunities for expression, interaction and dialogue, and education that are critical components to civic responsibility.